CXM Offers state-of-the-art fully integrated MAM Solution, allowing professional Money Managers to apply multiple strategies including using EA for various groups of investors with one click. Fully automated trade allocation by equity, automated profit distribution, performance fee and management fees provide a perfect environment for hassle-free operation, allowing you to focus on trading instead of paperwork.

Meanwhile, automated maximum drawdown protection, full reporting view and ability to add/remove funds at any time provides needed level of safety and comfort for investors leaving them with full control of their money.


Benefits for Money Managers

Benefits for Investors

  • Easy onboarding process
  • Easy onboarding process
  • Member Area fully integrated solution
  • Member Area fully integrated solution
  • Same price, same time entry for all slave accounts
  • High watermark performance fee calculation
  • Equal ROI distribution between slave accounts
  • Automated Drawdown Protection
  • Automated Performance Fee
  • Add/withdraw funds at any time
  • Automated Management Fee
  • Ability to leave MAM at any time
  • Add/remove slave accounts at any time without affecting other investors
  • Full Near Real-Rime Reporting Access for Investors
  • 100% MAM & Bridge Compatibility
  • Invest and trade yourself from the same Client Portal
  • No need to download any additional software
  • Fully segregated funds
  • Trade from PC or Mobile
  • Automate LPOA verification process
  • Support EA


  • Unlimited slave accounts


  • Unlimited trading strategies per MAM


  • Equity allocation mode


  • Full reporting access on performance of all slave accounts


  • Automated LPOA verification